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3 Ways AI Will Revolutionise The Electrical Industry

3 Ways AI Will Revolutionise The Electrical Industry

Artificial intelligence used to be the fantasy of science fiction, but the reality is that AI is now a part of everyday life. Whether it’s the algorithms that suggest TV shows for you to watch and control what ads you see on social media, to software that predicts the weather and programs that are used in a whole array of industrial processes, there isn’t much of modern life that isn’t affected by AI.

Given the importance of the electrical industry to modern life - after all, it’s what powers all of the devices that make AI possible in the first place - it makes sense that artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in providing the sustainable and available energy that human civilisation needs to prosper.

At CET, our electrical courses help to prepare and equip both qualified and aspiring electricians with the skills needed to meet the demands of the electrical industry in the future. If you’re keen to learn about the 3 ways in which AI is set to revolutionise the electrical industry, make sure you check out the rest of this blog.

Carbon Footprint Reductions

Our NECA EnergySmart course is one of the ways that our college helps electricians to meet the demands of consumers that are seeking greener and more efficient forms of energy consumption.

In the future, AI will help to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses by reducing unnecessary power spending and developing better ways of using existing resources. It will also help to improve the efficiency of renewable resources and help to facilitate the shift away from fossil-fuel.

While it’s always going to be important for electricians to be able to assist their clients in choosing, installing and using the most sustainable and energy-efficient equipment in order to reduce their carbon footprint and save money - these devices will continue to harness the power of AI and connectivity to drastically improve their performance.

Independent Power Grids

One of the main problems with the current energy industry is that too many people are forced to depend on one power plant for energy provision. This reliance on a single, centralised power grid leads to a multitude of problems including malfunctions, overloads and inefficiency - something that is only set to worsen as the global population increases.

As power production moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, it’s possible that each suburb/neighbourhood will be governed by its own smaller power plants and independent power grid. Controlled by AI software, these smaller grids will result in improved energy efficiency, prevent blackouts and provide consumers with a better power supply.

Because of this, it’s entirely possible that electrical apprenticeships of the future will involve some form of IT component to allow electricians to work with these smart power grids.

Predictive Maintenance & Improvements

With today’s large, centralised power grids, maintenance is performed by identifying problems and issues and then fixing them once things go wrong. This is hugely inefficient for a number of reasons, especially as it results in a lot of downtime and outages while malfunctions are identified and then fixed.

In the future, AI-powered predictive maintenance will be able to collect and analyse big data sets in order to predict where problems are likely to occur and schedule maintenance to fix them before a problem occurs.

These AI systems will also be able to analyse electrical systems and provide electricians with ways in which they can be improved to maximise efficiency and minimise malfunctions and downtime.

Prepare For The Future With CET

While it’s impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that AI is going to revolutionise and impact the electrical industry in the same way that it already has for other facets of modern life.

At CET, our courses are designed to provide the skills and information required to build a successful career as an electrician. Whether it’s upskilling and undertaking PV systems or EnergySmart courses that we offer, or possible courses dealing with AI and smart power grids in the future - you can look to CET to provide the latest and most useful electrical education.

Get in touch with us to find out more today!

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