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2021 Drone Industry Summit

2021 Drone Industry Summit

The 2021 Drone Industry Summit is here! The advancement of drone technology capabilities has created uniquely disruptive opportunities for many industries.

Drones are rapidly changing the way many industries collect, analyse and use aerial data to reduce costs, reduce risk, improve efficiency and most importantly, safety. Early adopters are seeing many benefits and are utilising them in applications from mining, oil & gas, construction, infrastructure, marine, agriculture and the media.

The electrcial industry benefits immensely from drones whereby REPL trained drone pilots are able to inspect roofs for solar panel installation or maintenance, utilities and power line inspections, industrial busbar inspections or large scale infrastructure.

Our drone partners Global Drone Solutions are hosting the 2021 Drone Industry Summit. This is a full-day event with industry expert guest speakers (including the Chief Remote Pilot from Western Power), focussing on commercial drone operations exploring:

  • A Future Lens: Robotic Technology and Applications
  • Compliance Issues: Keeping ahead of the Legal and Regulatory Curve
  • A New Frontier: EVLOS and BVLOS Applications
  • The Power of Data: Using LiDAR and Drones to Capture and Analyse Data
Register your interest to attend this not-to-be-missed event on 2 June at Fraser's in Kings Park. When going to the Global Drone Solutions registration page, use the code 'DISSTUDENT' at checkout to receive a $50 discount.

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