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Not Your Average Sparky – 4 Electrician Jobs With A Difference

Not Your Average Sparky – 4 Electrician Jobs With A Difference

There’s no doubt that becoming an electrician is a very solid career move. With good rates of pay and a steady source of work from the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors, it’s a job that will set you up for a stable and prosperous future. However, not everyone is inspired by the thought of heading to your typical run-of-the-mill building site for work every day. We all rely on electricity, so there are plenty of interesting and engaging careers for sparkies looking for something outside the box.

Event & Festival Electrical Services

Pop up events, outdoor festivals and concerts have never been more popular, and none of these events are possible without electricity to power them. Working for an electrical contractor specialising in event and festival electrical services (or even starting up your own company), is a great option for those looking for an alternative electrical career path. Varied, ever-changing, and full of unique challenges, the world of event and festival electronics is rarely ever boring. Who knows, you might even be able to watch a few concerts for free and meet the odd rock star backstage!

Robotics Technician

The robots are coming! As technology becomes more advanced, many jobs are becoming automated and performed by robots and computers. When you’re an electrician, not only is your job safe from the rapidly rising tide of change, it’ll actually be an additional source of employment. There’s always going to be a need for someone to repair and maintain the robots that will soon be performing the bulk of the work in our economy. If you want to continue your studies and get a degree in electrical engineering you could even be the one designing and building them too!

Renewable Energy

Qualified electricians, especially those with specialised knowledge, can find great opportunities within the growing renewable energy sector. Industries like wind and solar energy require the expert skills of electricians for manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The Climate Council of Australia predicts that if Australia is able to meet the target of 50% renewable electricity generation by 2030 it will lead to the creation of over 28,000 new jobs locally. Factor in the prospect of being able to work overseas as the world embraces the use of renewable energy and specialising in this exciting new field becomes even more appealing. CET has a variety of courses that cater to renewable energy from EnergySmart courses, to photovoltaic systems (battery storage, and design and install) post trade courses.

Army Electrician / Navy Marine Technician

Does a hardhat and work boots sound boring as work attire? How about some fatigues and a gun? Working as an Army Electrician or a Marine Technician in the Navy is perfect for people looking to combine their electrician qualification with action and adventure. In addition to 11 weeks of basic military training provided by the defence force, you’ll get the opportunity to work as a team, travel and develop a range of new and specialised skills. There’s also the added satisfaction of knowing that you’re serving your country and providing a valuable contribution.

Looking for information on how you can get qualified for one of these exciting electrical career paths? Click here to check out our range of courses or get in touch with us at our Joondalup or Jandakot campuses.

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