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5 Must Do’s To Become A Successful Electrical Apprentice

5 Must Do’s To Become A Successful Electrical Apprentice

Having an industry-leading education and impressive hands on experience is definitely a skillset that will impress any business owner and help land an apprenticeship.
An electrical apprenticeship will open up a lot of doors. Not only will it help provide real life, hands on experience and exposure to the day-to-day working life of an electrician, but it will also help expand network contacts within the industry.  
Getting an apprenticeship is the easy part of the equation, the major challenge is building the right relationship and trust with an employer so they see the apprentice as an integral part of their team. It’s important to remember that when employers take on apprentices, they are taking a risk as the apprentice is representing them and their business. If the apprentice is unreliable or unprofessional they could damage their reputation and their relationships with clients.

If you want to be a standout electrical apprentice, then check out the below 5 must do’s to become a successful electrical apprentice.

1. Be reliable

Always show up for work on time – customers don’t want to pay for professional tradesmen that are waiting on an apprentice. Holding up a job can cost your employer money and damage their reputation!

2. Have your Driver's Licence and access to a car

Don’t think that a scooter licence is sufficient. You can’t carry your equipment safely or ride them on the freeway so be sure to have access to a car to get around and complete your work safely.

3. Show initiative and be proactive

Nothing annoys a tradie more than having to explain something that is obvious time after time. Remember the first time, take a photo, write notes and ask questions if you’re unsure to guarantee you’re efficient with your time and with those around you.

4. Dress appropriate for site

While your boss will provide PPE and a uniform – some sites require full length, long pants whilst on other sites you can wear shorts. Check with your boss and get the right advice so you won’t be sent home to get the right gear on.

5. Experience goes a long way

Employers generally prefer apprentices who have already completed a pre-apprenticeship, as it shows commitment and you’ll be better prepared when entering the workforce.  

Now that you’re familiar with the above, you’re on the right path to becoming a successful apprentice and electrician in the future.

To find out how CET can help you with your electrical apprenticeship pathway get in touch with any questions, comments or ideas or check out our courses.

Don't forget to download the infographic below!

5 must do’s to become a successful electrical apprentice

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