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5 reasons to become a NECA member for CET / EGT apprentices

5 reasons to become a NECA member for CET / EGT apprentices

It goes without saying that becoming a NECA associate member whilst being a CET / EGT apprentice, comes with a host of benefits. From discounts to partner offers, access to standards and vital industry information – it makes sense to join the club! 
If you’re a CET / EGT apprentice, or looking to become one, check out these 5 reasons to become a NECA associate member.  
1. Savings on Standards
With NECA associate membership you can save on Australian Standards purchases like the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules.

2. TKB
Get access to Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) – NECA WA's custom developed search engine created specifically for the electrical industry. Having TKB will also allow you to access various Australian Standards online.

3. Industry information
Be informed with NECA WA’s industry news consisting of eNews, CET Monthly Newsletters, NECA News magazine, and more. Covering a wide variety of content from technical, safety, events, course information and more – NECA’s range of industry content will keep you in the know.

4. Partner offers
Unlock partner offers and discounts, including BUPA Health Care Cover.

5. Mates rates
Receive a generous $100 off the Licence Examination Preparation course (normal cost is $600)
For further details about becoming a NECA associate member including benefits and fees, click here. For those who are looking to become an electrical apprentice, learn about our Apprenticeship Pathways courses here.

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