5 tips to help prepare for your Capstone

5 tips to help prepare for your Capstone

As usual studying can easily cause anxiety and become stressful. Even if you feel like you’re prepared and organised, when the time comes to hit the books and knuckle down we bet you will find yourself starting to procrastinate as soon as the stress kicks in.
At CET we’re determined to help our students both inside and outside of the classroom and that’s why we’ve developed 5 tips to help cope when preparing for your Capstone assessment.

1. Revision

You can start your revision process by enrolling into CET’s Licensing Examination Preparation course. This course will recap on all the information you need to pass your Capstone assessment. You can also complete the revision book supplied by CET prior to attending our Capstone revision days, this way you will be familiar with areas that you need assistance with.

2. Research

Further your understanding of electrical theory by making use of the CET website and Knowledge Base, where video tutorials can be accessed.. The Knowledge Base is a tool that should definitely be utilised when studying for a Capstone assessment as it contains videos, interactive presentations, review questions and other valuable resources.

3.Ask for guidance

Chat to your employer, they’ve been there before and they can give you some helpful hints and valuable insights into the Capstone assessment.

4. Prioritise

Right now is not the time to take on too many commitments. Your Capstone is an important event in your electrical career and passing it is of vital importance. This means that you might have to miss a few nights out or a sports game or two but your sacrifice will pay off once you pass your Capstone assessment.

5. Be patient

Studying for your Capstone assessment needs more attention than just two nights of revision so give your studies as much attention as you can. The capstone is an important event and be prepared that it may take longer than you hoped to pass it, but it is achievable. You can also speak to your training manager or other instructors and mentors to tweak your skills and knowledge to help you pass.

Now that you’ve read our Capstone assessment study tips we wish you best of luck with your studies and the assessment. If you need further guidance with your studies or have any questions, get in touch with CET.

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