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6 Tips To Stay Safe As An Electrician

6 Tips To Stay Safe As An Electrician

Being safe when working with electricity is vital in any situation. Ensuring that you, your environment and peers are well protected will help minimise the risk of harm from potential hazards. 

Electricians are exposed to live circuits on a daily basis and maintaining this equipment helps keep our networks safe. The proper use of PPE, quality tools and equipment, and correct wiring procedures are amongst the top tips to ensure that all electricians stay safe when on the job.

1. Tools and Equipment

Exposure to damaged electrical tools and equipment can be very dangerous. Always check for cracks, cuts or abrasions on cables, wires, cords and insulated tools. If you find any damaged equipment always repair or replace them immediately.

2. Correct Wiring

Follow the correct cable selection procedures to ensure cabling is appropriate for the load.

3. Exposed Electrical Parts

Ensure adequate covers, barriers or guards are installed to prevent accidental contact with live parts.

4. Earthing

It is important to ensure that all equipment is earthed appropriately. A protective earthing system will reduce the risk of touch voltage by means of automatic disconnection of supply.

5. Inspecting Insulation On Wiring

Defective insulation is a hazard. Any circuit with defective insulation should be isolated to make it safe and it must be repaired as soon as possible.; If not repaired, it should be immediately reported to the supply authority.

6. PPE

Wearing personal protective equipment or PPE is of utmost importance when you’re on the job. Electricians should have the following on them:: a hard helmet, shatter-proof eye protection, electrical gloves, and dielectric/non-conductive boots.

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Don't forget to download the infographic below to ensure you have these 6 top tips on file!

6 Tips to Stay Save as an electrician

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