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CET Nominated for WA Industry Collaboration Award 2018

CET Nominated for WA Industry Collaboration Award 2018

CET was recently nominated for the WA Industry Collaboration Award 2018 category in the prestigious WA Training Awards. This nomination recognises the successful ongoing relationships CET has developed with schools, industry bodies, employers and government to deliver effective pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship courses in WA. It also acknowledges CET’s efforts to provide improved career pathways into the electrical industry and deliver young people with training opportunities that lead to the option of a lifelong career.

Although CET did not win the award this year, their collaboration has had a clear impact on industry and will continue to do so. Without a well-designed and structured training strategy which is supported by schools, industry bodies and employers, the electrical industry would struggle to source apprentices and qualified tradespeople with the necessary level of skills needed to meet economic demand. CET’s collaborative approach provides vital foundational training, which sets people up for a successful career.

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