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CET apprentice creates painting for indigenous program 'Mila Birdal'

CET apprentice creates painting for indigenous program

CET's parent company ECA WA Inc, recently commissioned the artistic talents of CET first year electrical apprentice Anthony Fenn, to create the stunning painting titled 'Journey', to help promote ECA WA's 2021 Indigenous Program, Mila Birdal.

Translated from the Noongar language as ‘future sparks’, the Mila Birdal program is designed to support indigenous students with a clear career pathway that transitions them from high school, to an electrical apprenticeship - resulting in becoming a qualified electrician. 

Anthony describes (see below), how the painting represents the journey a young person goes through during their electrical training, with the key elements reflecting different aspects of the experience and their meaning.  

'Journey' will soon be seen more widely as part of the promotion of Mila Birdal. Thank you very much to Anthony for sharing his extraordinary talents with us.

For more information on ECA WA's 2021 Indigenous Program, Mila Birdal, please contact Tricia Sumich at tricia.sumich@ecawa.org.au.

The meaning of the 'Journey' painting by Anthony Fenn

The painting represents a young individual that starts an apprenticeship and goes on to complete it, then uses their knowledge and journey to help other young students to become qualified electricians as well. Each symbol on the painting has their own special meaning and their own reason as to why they were chosen for this project.

The water holes represent a young person getting an apprenticeship, going on to complete the apprenticeship, and passing their knowledge on to other students and helping more individuals on their journey to become qualified electricians.

The hands represent that everything is hands on in the electrical trade. You are always working with your hands. 

The feet represent that you are constantly on your feet moving around and traveling to new places as well as continuously learning new things.

The people represent the electricians coming together and working as a team and teaching each other new techniques and strategies on how to become the best electrician possible, whilst continuously supporting and encouraging each other.

The dots / circles  represent the different aspects and materials that are used in the electrical industry. They also represent the endless opportunities and possibilities for people to achieve. 

The lines represent learning and believing in yourself to become the best person possible. It’s a cycle of what you put into the trade you will also get out. 

“It was a pleasure to do this painting and I hope those who see it are inspired to start an apprenticeship as its well worth it!” – Anthony Fenn

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