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Electrical Licences Explained: The 4 Electrical Licence Types In WA

Electrical Licences Explained: The 4 Electrical Licence Types In WA

It’s no secret that working with electricity can be extremely dangerous. This doesn’t just apply to the people doing the installation work either. Sub-standard electrical work has the potential to be deadly to the people that use it and can result in electrocution, fires and numerous other safety hazards.

That’s why it’s understandable that in Australia, not just anyone can perform electrical installation and contracting work. The Australian government and its states have licensing systems in place to ensure only competent tradespeople are able to carry out electrical installation work.

In Western Australia, these permits are issued by the Electrical Licensing Board. A disciplinary process is also in place to ensure that only competent operators remain licensed. These competency standards cover work practises, equipment and installation. 

Consequences for performing electrical work without the appropriate license include:

• Prosecution in the courts.
• Loss of your electrical licence.
• Having conditions placed on your licence.

The 4 types of electrical licences issued in Australia are:

• Electrical Contracting Work - issued to electrical contractors.
• Electrical Installing Work - issued to electricians (and is valid for up to 5 years).
• Electrical Training - issued to apprentices and trainees. An apprentice/pre-apprentice will have a license card issued for the period of their apprenticeship.
• Restricted Electrical Work - issued to people other than electricians who are legally allowed to carry out a “restricted” range of electrical tasks.

At CET, we provide an array of courses that can provide you with the training, skills and knowledge necessary to apply for all of the above licences. Just click on the links above to find out more and register online, and don't forget to save the infographic below for your reference!

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