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Get Ahead of the Game: 7 Major Benefits of Doing A Pre-Apprenticeship

Get Ahead of the Game: 7 Major Benefits of Doing A Pre-Apprenticeship

Choosing a career path isn’t easy. Once you’ve chosen the field you want to work in, what comes next? How do you go about making it a reality? To put it simply, a pre-apprenticeship is a great stepping-stone into the industry of your choice. In most cases, people undertake a pre-apprenticeship to prepare them for the environment that they’ll be working in. In an apprenticeship, you learn on the job, so it makes a lot of sense to ensure you can hit the ground running and complete a pre-apprenticeship beforehand.

You may be questioning why there is a need to undertake a pre-apprenticeship in the first place. Aren’t you supposed to learn everything you need to know during the apprenticeship itself? Well, studies have shown a strong demand for students who have undertaken pre-apprenticeships and that those who do have a much better chance of successfully completing their apprenticeship.

There are other great reasons to consider a pre-apprenticeship when starting your career journey to become an electrician, such as:



Doing an electrical pre-apprenticeship course will give you a taste of what it’s like to work in the electrical industry without committing to a 4 year apprenticeship. A pre-apprenticeship will also allow your potential employer to see what you’re like as an employee before they sign you up for 4 years. Some employers take on pre-apprentices for work experience, knowing that they will be employing someone in the near future. If you make a great impression and you’re the right fit, you could walk right into an apprenticeship.


Employers often recruit directly from pre-apprenticeship classes. Group training organisations such as Electrical Group Training (EGT) visit classes on behalf of host employers, so there is the potential to be recruited directly from a pre-apprenticeship class without having to go through the lengthy process of applying to different employers.


It’s possible you could receive credits for study completed during your pre-apprenticeship that could reduce the required training needed during the full apprenticeship. In short, you could go in with a bit of a head start.


A pre-apprenticeship demonstrates that you’re fully committed to the trade and want to succeed. These are both highly desirable traits that employers look for in apprentices.


Some aspects of pre-apprenticeship training - selecting electronic components, cords and plugs, and working in the energy sector, for example - are not included with an apprenticeship qualification. So it can add to your skillset - making you more attractive to a potential employee.


Completing a pre-apprenticeship will enable you to start your apprenticeship with the relevant hand skills for your chosen trade (e.g. stripping cable, terminating, drilling and fixing). This means you’ll make fewer mistakes and have a much better head start in your apprenticeship.


Completing a pre-apprenticeship gives you relevant work experience and referees to provide to prospective employers on your resume. This can help you stand out from the crowd and give you a crucial advantage in getting your ideal apprenticeship. It’s the first step in getting the career and lifestyle you want, so it’s well worth putting in the time and effort at the very beginning to help make sure this happens.

Why Employers Prefer Pre-Apprenticeship Electricians

Overall, one of the most significant benefits of undertaking a pre-apprenticeship is employability. Many employers in the electrical industry prefer taking on apprentices who have done electrical pre-apprenticeships. A recent study into the effectiveness of pre-apprenticeships supports this claim, demonstrating that employers strongly support these programs. One reason for this is that pre-apprenticeships cull out students who are unsuitable for a further career in the electrical industry. In addition, some aspects of pre-apprentice training are not included in apprenticeships, providing a unique skillset and safety knowledge that their peers don’t have. This additional expertise gives employers confidence in bringing apprentices into their workplace.


A pre-apprenticeship is a great stepping-stone into the industry of your choice. Get your foot in the door of the electrical industry, get in touch with us today or find out more information about our pre-apprenticeship course.

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