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How To Manage Life As A Sparky Student

How To Manage Life As A Sparky Student

To become a qualified electrician you have to do your time as a student. We know student life is not easy, but completing one out of the three licensed trades in Australia will make you glad you stuck it out.

Check out our tips on how to manage life as a sparky student to help you stay focused and keep on track to becoming an electrician.

Have patience and stick it out

We know you may want to finish your apprenticeship as soon as possible but it’s important to remember that the courses have been structured this way for a reason. You’re only going to be at college for 12% of your apprenticeship, so overall, it’s a small sacrifice.

Learn the tradie life

Classes run from 8am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Most sparkies start their days early (around 7am), and knock off around 4pm. Remember that the trade you’ve chosen isn’t necessarily the easiest. Tradies don’t get sleep-ins, they work in the heat, the cold and in the dirt.

What makes it worth it is the pride you have when you tell people you’re a sparky. In Australia, there are only three qualified trades - aircon and refrigeration mechanics, plumbers and electricians. So be proud that after your apprenticeship is over, you’re one of the few qualified tradies across Australia!

Figure out your budget

Let’s be real here, while you’re studying the money sucks but the perks that come from being a student can help you financially. To help ease the financial woes whilst studying you can:

  • Take advantage of student discounts

  • Ask your boss for overtime (this generally pays better and you may get your apprenticeship done quicker)

  • Look into Trade Support Loans. They’re provided by the government to assist students with everyday costs during their apprenticeship. You can get more information here.

Whether you decide to join our Jandakot or Joondalup campuses, we know you will enjoy your time at the College of Electrical Training. Our training environments are state of the art and training is very hands on.

Get in touch with CET at either campus on (08) 9233 5000 for Joondalup, or (08) 6595 6600 for Jandakot.

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