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Long and long mandatory at CET in 2024

Long and long mandatory at CET in 2024

After committing to long and long for all trainers and assessors, it’s time to reinforce the industry norm in the college environment. 

Why we are embracing the long and long standard

It’s commonly accepted in industry that a long-sleeved shirt and full-length trousers (long and longs) provide the best protection from workplace environmental dangers, including arc flash, cuts and abrasion risks.

Our campuses are fully air conditioned, including the workshops, so the move will have little impact on learners. Learners will see an increase in promotional material, with the policy coming into full force in January 2024. A small amnesty period is expected as learners adjust, but just like our boots, no smoking and open blade knives policy, if a learner attends in anything other than long and longs, they will not be permitted to enter classes or the workshops. 

We encourage learners to wear company provided uniforms at the college, so this may be the perfect time to review your company’s policy regarding uniforms. 

Remember, from 2024: No long and long = no training at CET!

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