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MATES in Construction General Awareness Training

MATES in Construction General Awareness Training

It’s not a topic people like talking about – but it shouldn’t be one that’s shied away from.
Every year 190 Australians who work in the construction industry take their own lives. That’s one every second day. In fact, if you’re a construction worker you’re six times more likely to die from suicide than you are an accident. And if you’re a younger worker – you’re over two times more likely to commit suicide than other young Australians.
There are many theories as to why this is the case – but one stands above all others. That being, that many in the industry see it as ‘unmanly’ to discuss your feelings with your workmates, or even just your friends at the pub after work.
That’s why we have partnered with MATES in Construction – an integrated industry intervention program which is designed to educate workers on good mental health practice, build resilience to help you get through rough patches, and connect workers to support networks and help when they need it.
And this is not just open for people who might currently be experiencing issues with their mental health. You might be concerned for a friend who you think might be having a hard time, or you might be a manager wanting to learn more about good practice to help your employees stay resilient. MATES offers various training courses and toolbox talks to help either an individual, a group, or even an entire site.
We are offering two free General Awareness Training events on the 16th of March (at Joondalup campus) and 17th of March (at Jandakot campus) which will run from 4:30pm until 6pm. This training will introduce you to the nature of the problem within the industry, reinforce that it’s OK to talk about the problems you’re facing, and provide solid, practical guidance as to how you can assist each other.
If you are interested in joining us for this event, follow the link below and sign up to the event closest to you. We will also endeavour to hold more events throughout the year, but we highly encourage you to not put it off.
Joondalup Session: https://bit.ly/3gM5EUj

Jandakot Session: https://bit.ly/34Sv67U

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