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The New Electrotechnology Training Package Transformation

The New Electrotechnology Training Package Transformation

The current electrotechnology training package was developed over ten years ago. At that time, the first iPad had just been released, only 4% of homes had solar panels, and businesses were still using fax machines. In WA alone, there was a huge uptick in home PV system adoption in 2020, despite the COVID-19 global pandemic. This solar adoption has increased the state’s renewable energy to 1.3 GW, further fueling the rise of green energy in the country. Today, the latest advances in technology focus on electric vehicle charging and further explore using the hydrogen fuel cell as an alternative energy supply. 

As time passes and technology evolves, how we train our electricians must also change. Updates to the Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology were announced last year and are now rolling out to keep up to date with changing technologies. 

What does the new electrotechnology training package look like?

The old training package, UEE30811, did not address all the Essential Performance Capabilities for an electrician. These are the foundations for all licensing authorities, such as Building and Energy, to base their laws and regulations on for the licensing of electricians.

The new electrotechnology training package focuses on the dangers of asbestos and silicosis, isolation of alternative energy supplies (such as PV and batteries), and broadening the ability to introduce emerging technologies, such as hydrogen cell and Electric Vehicle charging. This will better prepare apprentices from both a technical and safety perspective.

How does it work?

Transition refers to transferring an apprentice's existing qualification and associated units to the new qualification. If an apprentice is transitioned to the new qualification, they will:

  • Receive credit for units they have been deemed competent in and equivalent units in the new qualification.
  • For units they have been deemed competent in, but an equivalent unit does not exist in the new training package, the apprentice will be required to complete gap training between the old and new unit. CET will keep you updated on the details of any gap training your apprentice is needed to complete.
  • Apprentices will also be required to complete additional units that are a part of the new qualification. 

We will continue to keep employers and apprentices up to date with details regarding the transition. 

Will these changes affect me?

The aim is to minimise the impact on apprentices, so we have been working with TAFE’s and DTWD to formulate a rollout with the least implications for apprentice electricians and employers.

Some apprentices will finish their apprenticeship using the old package, UEE30811; however, many of them, particularly those that started in 2021 before the rollout, will be transitioned to the new unit, UEE30820.

Electrotechnology cert III at CET

The Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician provides apprentices with the knowledge and skills to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in buildings and premises. It also includes Electrical Regulators requirements for an ‘electrician’s licence’. Find out more about theUEE30811 Certificate III In Electrotechnology Electrician - CET here. 

If you have any questions, please phone CET Joondalup on (08) 9233 5000 or email transition@cet.asn.au.


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