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Preparation is key – why you should complete both a pre-apprenticeship and Readiness Assessment

Preparation is key – why you should complete both a pre-apprenticeship and Readiness Assessment

An electrical pre-apprenticeship and an electrical apprentice readiness assessment (RA), can help you if you’re considering pursuing a career as an electrician. Whilst they’re not mandatory, they can prepare you with valuable knowledge and give you a better chance at securing an electrical apprenticeship.

This blog explores the benefits of completing both an electrical pre-apprenticeship and a readiness assessment.

How Can A Pre-App Provide Apprenticeship Opportunities?

An electrical pre-apprenticeship is a course designed to provide you with practical training in the electrical industry, such as CET’s Certificate II in Electrotechnology course.

Whilst you can choose to enter straight into an electrical apprenticeship, completing a pre-apprenticeship can benefit you in several ways such as:

  • You’ll find out if being an electrician is right for you without spending time on a full apprenticeship.
  • Pre-apprenticeships that involve hands-on work experience like at CET, will give you valuable on-the-job skills, helping to better prepare you for an apprenticeship.
  • The on-the-job skills and experience obtained from a pre-app will boost your resumé and increase your chances of securing an apprenticeship. Completing your pre-app also shows initiative in pursuing your career as an electrician.
  • Some courses may give you credit for completing your electrical pre-apprenticeship which you can bring forward into your apprenticeship.

What Is An Electrical Apprentice Readiness Assessment?

Other than the electrical pre-apprenticeship, an electrical apprentice readiness assessment (RA), is something you should consider when pursuing a career as an electrician. This assessment was designed as part of a program to ensure apprentices in the electrical industry are prepared for the maths and English requirements in the trade.

The assessment is a one-hour online exam that tests aspiring electrical apprentices on their language, literacy and numeracy capabilities including reading, writing and numeracy. The language and literacy section of the RA covers reading and writing skills that are essential for electrical apprentices to perform in the field. 

The numeracy section, on the other hand, contains 15 subtopics that will help you understand and perform calculations needed when working with electrical circuits. 

How Does The Readiness Assessment Help With Real World Applications?

If you ever wonder who actually uses trigonometry, Pythagoras’ theorem or algebra in the real world – well, electricians do! These subjects test real-world applications in the electrical trade and can help prepare you for your apprenticeship.

Below are some applications of the skills tested in the readiness assessment:

  • Using electrical formulae such as Ohm’s law to design electrical installations.
  • Calculation of the average amount of power used by a building.
  • Interpreting technical drawings when repairing or installing electrical equipment.
  • Reading and interpreting data on measuring devices.
  • Calculating angles, vectors and trigonometric constants when working with electrical systems.
  • Taking and calculating measurements to ensure your installations satisfy electrical code requirements.
  • Calculating the time and materials required for a job, as well as calculating the bill.

Why Is It Important?

Taking an additional test on top of your existing study schedule may seem like extra stress. However, an RA can help you in several ways.

  • The skills tested in the assessment are essential, basic competencies you need as an electrician. Therefore, it is a great indicator of whether you have what it takes to thrive in your electrical apprenticeship and your electrical career.
  • The assessment result is proof of your language, literacy and numeracy skills. Scoring good marks on it will enhance your resumé.
  • A good RA result will give you a high ranking in the state, which increases your chance of obtaining an apprenticeship.
  • With your assessment results and personal details being available to potential employers, it will be easier to secure interviews and job offers.
The electrical pre-apprenticeship course and electrical apprentice readiness assessment (RA) can give you an edge in the electrical industry. Completing a pre-apprenticeship at CET will provide you with hands-on experience and skills necessary to excel in your apprenticeship. Furthermore, a pre-app and RA are affordable and accessible to students from various backgrounds.

If you’re looking for an electrical pre-apprenticeship or have any questions, feel free to contact us at CET.

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