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Stand Out From The Crowd - Why Solar Training Is A Great Way To Upskill

Stand Out From The Crowd - Why Solar Training Is A Great Way To Upskill

Being an electrician is a rewarding career path as you get to play an important role in the community. You have a great opportunity to enjoy exciting job prospects from being self-employed in a domestic electrical environment, to working within large industrial settings part of multi-million dollar projects. But just like with any career, it’s important to upskill and expand your knowledge in different areas. Doing so will help you stand out in the market, especially during challenging times.

As Australia expands its renewable energy adoption, it is increasingly important for electricians to have the knowledge and skills to work on solar power systems. In WA specifically, the Government has recently launched a $66.3 million package focused on renewable energy technologies to help kick-start the state’s economy. This is a perfect opportunity to upskill and take advantage of the stimulus package.

Below, we take a look at how solar courses can help your career progression as an electrician.

Battery Storage For Grid-connected PV Systems

This solar battery storage course teaches you how to design and install battery storage for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. With these skills, you’ll be able to design battery storage systems for PV systems for construction and various other projects. 

Another important part of this solar battery storage course is the maintenance of batteries. You’ll acquire detailed knowledge and skills to find faults within a battery storage system and repair them.

Design And Install Grid-Connected PV Systems

This solar grid-connected design and install course gives you the knowledge and practical skills to design and set up grid-connected photovoltaic systems and the associated equipment. Besides designing the power supply system, you’ll learn how to solve basic problems in photovoltaic equipment and systems which allows you to perform maintenance, fault-finding and repairs.

This course is a good basic solar training course as it also contributes to the completion of relevant Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and other certifications which you can take up to further expand your skills.

Solar Inspection And Maintenance

This solar inspection and maintenance course provides a good entry into solar power systems. You’ll learn the various components and configurations of grid-connected PV systems as well as battery storage systems. 

Additionally, you’ll learn how to install, commission, maintain and find fault in renewable energy systems including battery storage systems. The course provides knowledge of known solutions to problems in PV equipment operating at extra low and low voltages which allows you to work on PV systems in homes and most commercial buildings.

Now is a great time to upskill with solar training

Completing the right solar courses will help you obtain invaluable electrical skills necessary for career growth. As more people adopt solar power systems, and with the WA Government’s multi-million dollar investment in solar, there’s a need for qualified electricians to have solar skillsets.

CET has multiple post trade courses and solar courses to choose from, and if you’re looking for the right one to boost your career, get in touch with us.

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