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The Future Of Renewable Energy is Here: Why You Need To Upskill WIth Clean Energy Training Today

The Future Of Renewable Energy is Here: Why You Need To Upskill WIth Clean Energy Training Today

The future of renewable energy is here. As Australia rapidly expands its renewable energy adoption, it’s more important than ever for those in the electrical field to have the knowledge and skills to work on solar-powered systems. The future of clean energy will provide increasing opportunities for current and prospective electricians to pivot their careers into the solar industry.

At CET, we have multiple clean energy training and post-trade courses available. If you’re interested in upskilling, get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know where to start. 

The future of renewable energy in Australia

Last year, Australians installed a record-breaking 389,577 rooftop solar systems (source: Clean Energy Australia Report). The second year in a row that the renewable energy sector has broken the record for new installations, the industry is not slowing down anytime soon. One factor driving this rapid growth is the increase in residential energy as people spend more time in their homes due to pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. This has caused everyday Australians to look into their power usage and find ways to reduce their bills. 

Solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity (source: ABC). As this renewable energy source becomes more accessible, we can expect uptake to also increase. Alongside this, new solar technologies are rapidly emerging due to the uptake in consumer demand. There have been several recent announcements in utility-scale batteries and considerable investments in renewable energy in Australia. 

All of the above means that the rapid adoption of solar power isn’t showing any signs of stopping. There is an unprecedented opportunity for electricians to take advantage and upskill.

Renewable energy career opportunities for electricians

The anticipated continued growth in the sector has led to a rapidly increasing need for electrical professionals in both residential and commercial capacities. For electricians, the career opportunities are endless, from design and installation to maintenance and repair or even running your own business. Completing the right solar electrician courses will help you obtain the invaluable skills to pivot your career. 

The backbone of renewable energy is currently residential solar installation, so it’s a great place to start. Electricians will need to have the proper solar accreditation that will allow them to design and install photovoltaic energy systems. At CET, we offer a range of clean energy training to help electricians of the future get a leg up. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our solar energy courses below or browse our post-trade course catalogue here

Design and install grid-connected PV systems

The first step for most electricians wishing to enter the solar industry, this nationally accredited course will give you the skills to design and set up grid-connected systems and their associated equipment. You will also learn how to solve basic electrical issues of photovoltaic systems and perform maintenance and repairs. This course also contributes to other relevant training certifications that will help expand your career options. 

Learn more about this solar installation course and enrol now. 

Battery storage for grid-connected PV systems

Although current usage is stable, the demand for batteries is expected to skyrocket in the near future. Further training for electricians in the solar energy sector will undoubtedly lead to battery design and installation training. This training course teaches you how to design and install battery storage for grid-connected photovoltaic systems for construction and other projects. You will also discover how to find faults within these systems and provide maintenance and repair.

Learn more about this solar battery course and enrol now.

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