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The Future Sparky - Are You Prepared For Digital Transformation?

The Future Sparky - Are You Prepared For Digital Transformation?

It’s an exciting time to be an electrician. Rapid advancements in technology mean that more and more of our daily lives revolve around electronic devices and interconnectedness. 

It also means that the demands for electricians are changing too. The Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices, home automation and the issue of climate change has led to concerns around energy security, meaning electricians have a whole new range of factors to consider. 

While the fundamentals of the job haven’t really changed, the electricians that will really excel in the future are the ones that are best able to adapt their services to suit these new demands.

Energy Efficiency

Climate change and energy security are major issues for a lot of people today. 
We’re not talking politics or science, but we do know there are real issues that will impact your work as an electrician. 

Whether it’s to reduce a customer’s carbon footprint or lower their power bills, more and more consumers are looking for ways to make their homes as energy efficient as possible.

Getting familiar with these issues and being able to supply your customers with the solutions they need, will go a long way in giving you an edge over the competition.

CET’s courses such as NECA Energysmart, Energy Efficient Lighting and Energy Management, are perfect for upskilling already qualified electricians with the added knowledge to thrive in a competitive market, where energy efficiency is becoming more important.

IoT and Connected Devices

The internet doesn’t just reside in computers or on smartphones anymore.

The IoT revolution has meant that virtually anything in and around the home can be connected to the internet and controlled remotely or even with voice activation. Air conditioning, kitchen appliances, audio equipment, blinds and window coverings, lighting - you name it!

Electricians that understand how all of these devices operate and know what consumers want both now and in the future – will be miles ahead of electricians who aren’t as switched on in this space.

CET’s Interconnectivity & Networking course helps to explain this seemingly complex world of interconnectivity and arm you with the knowledge needed to succeed in an environment where almost everything has the potential to have network connectivity.

Want to learn more about the skills required to survive and thrive as an electrician of the future? Get in touch with us today!

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