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What do I do with my CET qualifications? How do I get my electrical license?

What do I do with my CET qualifications? How do I get my electrical license?

Before you graduate you need to get your electrical licence. Luckily it’s an easy two-step process that is outlined as follows;
Step 1
Take your Certificate from CET to The Apprenticeship Office and get your trade certificate. The Apprenticeship Office is located here:
Optima Building
Level 2 and 3/ 16 Parkland Road
Osborne Park WA 6017
Step 2
Then, take your trade certificate to EnergySafety and get your Electrical Worker's Licence. This is where you need to go:
Level 1, 303 Sevenoaks Street (entrance off Grose Ave)
Cannington WA 6107
Once you leave the EnergySafety office you’re officially a licensed electrician. Now you’ve got unlimited opportunities in front of you like being able to enrol in our specialised courses designed to further up-skill you to give you the best chance of success.
Here are some of our most popular Post Trade Courses available:

  • Be NBN ready with Open Cabling Registration and endorsements  [UEENEEF102A]

  • Gain highly desired industrial electrical skills with a  Certificate IV Electrical Instrumentation  [UEE40411]

  • Open the door for yourself to the Oil and Gas industry  [UEE42611]

  • Get ahead of the trend and learn about green energy in one of our Solar Energy courses:

    • Battery Storage for Grid-Connected PV Systems - Design, Install, Maintain and Fault-Find

    • Design and Install Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

    • Stand-alone Power Systems - Design and Installation

  • Give yourself the essential tools to start your own business with the Electrical Contractor Training Course

With 30 post trade courses available to choose from, you’ll have the advantage over others and become an even more highly skilled and experienced electrician. Click here to see all 30 post trade courses on offer at CET.   

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