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4 Reasons Why CET’s Instrumentation Course Is A Cut Above The Rest

4 Reasons Why CET’s Instrumentation Course Is A Cut Above The Rest

If you're an electrician or an electrical mechanic apprentice in your final year, our Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation is a great way to help you gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

Specially designed to equip graduates with the training, skills and knowledge required for the functional calibration and fault- finding of basic industrial instrumentation and electrical equipment, it's a great way to expand your skill set and increase your earning potential. 

The course also helps to make you a much better-rounded electrician by focusing on working with pressure, level temperature and flow and their application to analytical instruments and process control.

Want to know what makes our Instrumentation course a cut, above what's on offer elsewhere? To find out, we asked CET General Manager Steve Hall.  

If you're keen to maximise your employment and earning potential as an electrician, make sure you read the rest of this article to find out what Steve had to say.

1) Its Recently Had A Complete Overhaul
"CET has been delivering this qualification for 10 years, and over that time we've continued to update the course with new technologies. 

In 2017, we undertook a major review and overhaul of the course. This includes bringing in an expert from the industry to completely rewrite the course and update our PLC training. Meaning we're able to offer one of the most cutting edge and up-to-date programs in the country." 

2) We Make Sure Our Graduates Are Able To Deploy Their Skills In The Real World
"CET has a long history of not only developing our own training products, but also working with stakeholders to ensure that students have access to industry's latest technologies. CET was the first RTO in Australia to purchase the SMC Pneumatics bottling plant, which allows our students to experience an end-to-end process. 

We have also developed our own HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), so when our students come for their PLC practical week, they can see their programs working in real time in simulated scenarios. 

It's a big reason why our graduates are much more prepared to deploy their skills in the real world than those graduating from similar courses elsewhere."

3) We Partner With Other Organisations To Add Value
"We have engaged with Zedflo, Fluke, Endress+Hauser and other leading suppliers of equipment to ensure that our students are exposed to the latest technology whilst undertaking the Cert IV Electrical Instrumentation course at CET.

This means that they’re much less likely to come across equipment that they’re unfamiliar with, which is a huge advantage to prospective employers." 

4) Its Rigorous, Comprehensive & Great Value For Money
"With access to Priority Industry Training (PIT) funding, the Department of Training and Workforce Development ensure that the training isn’t just a ‘wave through'.

There is approximately 80 hours of self-paced learning facilitated with the support of our instructors. This is followed by two week-long practicals which allow students to get their hands on the equipment and put into practice what they’ve learned.

After having completed these, the assessment week is made up of a refresher followed by 2-3 days of assessment. We don’t want to rush students through the assessments, so we can provide more time if necessary.

We know some other training organisations will rush you through in a week or so - but according to the Australian Skills Quality Authority, a Cert IV should take between 6 months and two years to complete

Also having access to the PIT funding means this $5,000 course in now available for under $1,800."

A Final Word From Steve
"I would encourage anyone thinking of doing the course to come and see our facilities first hand, have a chat with our instructors and familiarise yourself with our flexibility delivery options. 

Completing this course could have a huge impact on your career, and we'd love to help you take your skill set to the next level." 

Get in touch with us today to arrange a time to swing by. 

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