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Why a Career as an Electrical Contractor Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Why a Career as an Electrical Contractor Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Are you an electrician who plans to further your career and be your own boss? If you have a passion for what you do, are on top of electrical industry trends, and have an entrepreneurial spirit - then you can make it big as an electrical contractor.

As an electrical contractor you’ll have full control over your career and business trajectory, and CET has a comprehensive Electrical Contractor Training Program to help you with all aspects of the profession including how to run a successful business. Read on to learn more about how this course can be the next big thing for your career.

Why Become an Electrical Contractor?

Have you heard the saying, “A trade is something to fall back on”? While some people wouldn’t consider a trade as their first career choice, we see it differently. In fact, electrical industry trends show that being an electrical contractor is a popular career choice among electricians with over 90% of contractors being individuals.
A trade is a solid foundation for future success. You can couple your electrical trade skills with the knowledge from our Electrical Contractor Training Program and start your own electrical business. Here are some benefits of being an electrical contractor:
  • Carve out your niche in the industry
    You’ll operate an electrical contracting business which means you have the freedom to make your own decisions in the business including the direction you want to take it.
  • Better earning capacity
    With the right skills, knowledge, and effort, you can grow your business and your income.
  • Have more control over your time
    As a self-employed electrical contractor, you can determine your work hours and enjoy a better work-life balance.

How Does The Electrical Contractor Training Program Work?

There are two main parts to the Electrical Contractor Training Program; the nominees module and the business module. You can choose to take the full course which includes both parts, or you can sign up for individual modules for more flexibility.
  • Nominees Module
    The WAE200, or nominees module, builds on your electrical trade foundation, focusing on the knowledge and skills required not just to investigate and understand legislative requirements, but to design and apply the correct procedures based on the requirements. You’ll also learn how to manage jobs, operate a business, and inspect and test electrical installations in accordance with regulatory requirements.  
  • Business Modules
    The business modules of the electrical contractor program are designed to give you the knowledge to successfully start, grow and keep your business alive. There are two modules in this course; General Legislative Requirements and Establishing a Contracting Business.
In the EA103B General Legislative Requirements module, you’ll learn how to investigate and identify State and Federal legislation and how it applies to aspects of your business including the structure and human resources. You’ll also be able to create an electrical operational plan and policies for your electrical contracting business. If owning a business is the next big thing for your career, this module will help you understand the legal side of business ownership.
In the EA102 Establishing a Contracting Business module, you’ll learn how to manage a contracting business from evaluating costs and profit margins to establishing a marketing plan. Essentially, this module will help you manage the factors that influence the performance and profitability of your business, ensuring that you can grow and maintain your business.
An electrician’s pathway promises a lot of opportunities, even becoming a business owner. As an electrical contractor, you’re the boss. You will set the direction of your business and make decisions that really matter. If you’re still looking for the next big thing for your career, electrical contracting might be the move for you. From a single van to a fleet of them, your dream starts with the Electrical Contractor Training Program.
Get in touch with us at CET to learn more.

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