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The importance for electricians to have rescue and CPR certification

The importance for electricians to have rescue and CPR certification

As electricians, we keep our modern lives running through installation, maintenance and repairing of electrical systems. However, these tasks come with the occupational hazard of coming into direct contact with live conductors. Therefore, it's important we equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to remain safe when carrying out our responsibilities.

The “Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel and CPR” course at CET provides training and knowledge to perform rescue procedures from live low voltage (LV) apparatus within the work place. It also trains electricians with the necessary first aid and CPR skills to help save lives if an accident occurs.

Common On-The-Job Injuries That Electricians Face

As electricians, we work in a variety of settings including homes, offices, construction and industrial sites. Due to the nature of the job, electricians face a number of hazards which can lead to severe injuries.

Between 2014 and 2016, a total of 1,065 people were hospitalised as a result of an electrical injury with 47% of them being paid electrical workers. According to a report by Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (2019), there were four reported deaths from electrocution among electricians nationwide between 2018 and 2019.

Although it may come as a surprise, below are some of the most common injuries that electricians face daily. With proper rescue procedures and CPR training, you can appropriately respond to accident situations and attend to things such as;

  • Electrical Burns - Electrical burns are a very real risk since electricians work in close contact with electrical systems. Burns often occur on the hands and forearms. While some burns can be superficial, electrical burns can also cause organ failure and fatality.
  • Electrical Shocks - An electrical shock can happen with or without burns. Most non-fatal electrical shock injuries affect the hands and happen when coming into contact with electrical wires or equipment. With good first aid knowledge, you can be more aware of the hazards that cause electrical shocks and always be ready to assist if it does happen.
  • Fall injuries - It might be unexpected, but falls are the most common source of injury among electrical tradies. Many electrical jobs involve working at high altitudes such as on ladders and on roofs, where a single slip can lead to a rough fall.
  • Cuts - Cuts can be caused by accidents when handling tools and equipment or when one slips at the workplace. Injuries caused by cuts are the most common after falling and while most incidents are minor, some cuts can put you out of work for quite a while.

How An LV Rescue CPR Certification Can Help You

The right training such as with CET’s Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel and CPR course will equip you with the right rescue procedural and first aid knowledge needed in the workplace. Here are some reasons why you should do this course:

  • Attain the skills required to carry out a thorough on-site risk assessment before starting tasks. This will help you identify possible risks and prevent accidents.
  • Learn about the health, safety and risk management processes and how to properly apply them at work and in your daily life.
  • Be able to perform rescue procedures from live low voltage (LV) equipment such as switchboard installations.
  • Learn how to perform CPR in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines and also to recognise an emergency situation and communicate it to paramedics or supervisors in the workplace. 
  • Learn how to provide first aid and manage all manners of injuries at the workplace from minor cuts to major electrical injuries.

The skills learnt in the Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel and CPR course will not only help you at work but also prepare you to face any accidents that might happen when you’re off the clock.

Comprehensive First Aid & CPR Training At CET

CTF-subsidised rate of $42

At CET, our Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel and CPR course is available at a CTF-subsidised rate of $42 which is great value for any electrician looking to upskill or onskill. With this great price offer, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can use, not only in your career but in many aspects of your life, without breaking the bank.

One full day of training

We understand that it may be inconvenient to take time out of your busy schedule to attend a classroom. That’s why our course only takes one day to complete. In this one classroom session, our qualified instructors provide in-depth theoretical and practical training on how to recognise and respond to emergencies and are there to support you throughout the course.

This course is very affordable and it’s an absolute must for all electricians. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information or click here to learn more and enrol for the perform rescue from a live LV panel and CPR course.

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