6 steps to becoming an electrical apprentice

6 steps to becoming an electrical apprentice

6 steps to becoming an electrical apprentice

1. Get informed

Educate yourself on what an apprenticeship is and what you’re getting into. Check out the Australian Apprenticeship website here

2. Work Experience (If you are still at school discuss Australian Apprenticeships with your career advisers or teachers)

Remember, work experience is different to being employed. You’re paid in experience which in turn develops your practical skills. There are always people looking for an extra helping hand so check out things like Facebook, Gumtree and local notice boards and get in touch with them.

If you are still in school speak with your career advisors and/or teachers. They have a great network of trades that are always willing to help educate the next generation of Australian workers.

In the long run, the more hands on experience you have the more desirable you are to an employer.
If you’re not at school, licensing regulations prevent you from gaining electrical experience.

3. Create a Resume 

Regardless of your level of experience a resume is the most valuable asset you have when it comes to marketing yourself. 

List your relevant education, any experience you have and explain what you did. Employers love to be able to see what you’ve done or what you’ve learnt. Even when you’re just starting off it sets the tone for the kind of employee you will be. 

When applying, if you can showcase examples of any voluntary work, or certificates, awards or achievements – you’ll be doing yourself a favour to stand out from the crowd! 

4. Find an employer

Some employers will advertise for apprentices – look out for their ads on Seek and other job advertising sites. A bit of initiative is also helpful – look for contractors in your area and give them a call – you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

Another option is getting in touch with a group training scheme, like Electrical Group Training. EGT are the largest group training scheme for electricians in WA, and offer a wide range of industry hosts to build your experience. 

5. Nominate CET as your RTO

Once you become an apprentice, make sure you nominate CET as your RTO. The Australian Apprentices Support Network provider will ask you when you are signing your training contract. Choosing CET means you will be trained at one of our state of the art, industry-endorsed campuses.

6. Seek other opportunities 

Many employers won’t even consider you for an apprenticeship unless you have a Cert II Pre-Apprenticeship. So if you're going to do a Pre-App, why not do it with the Industry Association’s own College – CET! Being a part of CET builds credibility. We’re a reputable training provider that educates its students to be compliant to the highest standard. 

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